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Our Story

From humble beginnings in the beautiful country of Nigeria to a global quest to take on Cyber threats facing businesses in the United States of America.

What we wanted to build was a generational company – one built around a problem being faced by millions of businesses around the world.

To solve a major problem being faced by American businesses, ShieldForce was born in the beautiful historic city of Boston, Massachusetts.

While conducting research for his master’s degree thesis in Computer science, Obi found a disturbing anomaly in the cybersecurity industry.

The number of financial losses and reputational damage experienced by American businesses increased in geometric progressions while the providers responsible for helping these businesses could not keep up with the rise in attacks and losses.

The solutions existed in the marketplace, but cyber-attacks were on the increase. Billions of dollars in financial losses were recording by the FBI every year in the United States.

Obi sprung into action and got admitted to the Founders Institute, New York cohort’s startup accelerator, the world’s largest startup accelerator with the main purpose to refine the idea, and position ShieldForce for an existing market.

A few weeks after the launch in May 2023, ShieldForce won its first customers, and there’s been no looking back since.

ShieldForce is committed to providing its customers protection against financial losses and reputational damage from Cyber threats using a combination of AI based behavioral threat detection, advanced email security, automated disaster recovery and continuous cyber awareness training.

We believe when customers adopt our methodology to cyber protection it increases their overall security posture. It also educates their employees on basic steps they need to take to guard against these threats. From early-stage startups to large enterprises, ShieldForce remains a loyal technology partner.

ShieldForce enables our people, customers, and partners to reach their full potential by helping them focus on what is most important to their business – their customers.


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